September 2018

Dear Saints in Christ,


September is the month school starts up again for another academic year.  But not only is this true for public and parochial schools, it is true also for our Sunday School, confirmation instruction, and adult Bible study.  And when we think about school we naturally think about tests.  So, here is a test concerning various days in September.  You may grade your own paper.


September 3: Labor Day

1. Proverbs 14:23 says, “In all labor there is ____________.”


b. profit

c. pleasure


2. Revelation 14:13 says that “they rest from their labors.” Who are the “they?”

a. the dead who die in the Lord

b. those who are old

c. those who work until sundown


3. Genesis 35:16 says that “(she) went into labor, and she had hard labor.” Who is “she?”

a. Eve

b. Sarah

c. Rachel


September 7: Grandparents’ Day

4. Jacob’s grandfather was…

a. Noah

b. David

c. Abraham


5. David’s great-grandmother was…

a. Ruth

b. Naomi

c. Miriam


6. Solomon’s grandfather was…

a. Moses

b. Jesse

c. Samson


7. Jesus’ paternal grandfather was…

a. John

b. Jacob

c. Jethro


September 17: Citizenship Day

8. Nebuchadnezzar was a citizen of…

a. Moab

b. Egypt

c. Babylon


9. Goliath was a citizen of…

a. Gath

b. Assyria

c. Lebanon


10. Paul was a citizen of…

a. Ephesus

b. Tarsus

c. Corinth


11. Philippians 3:20 says that “our citizenship is in ________________.”

a. heaven

b. Ripon

c. Lambeau Field


So how did you do?  Putting our knowledge to the test is always a good thing.  Plan now on joining the adult Bible study on Sunday mornings at 10:15 to learn more about our Lord and ourselves.


In Christ’s service and yours,

Pastor Fritsch


Answers: 1:b  2:a  3:c  4:c  5:a  6:b  7:b  8:c  9:a  10:b  11:c! (just kidding) a